Saturday, October 18, 2008

Left Behind Series is a Riveting Nonstop Thrillride!

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Why is it called the Rapture again?

You have probably asked yourself, ‘what’s the deal’ with Evangelical Christians? “Why can’t they just let everyone have their own beliefs?” you wonder, while you sip your latte and listen to the liberal, leftwing, antichrist run media, with your homosexual friends, on your way to an abortion clinic. “What’s their problem?”

After reading Left Behind I have discovered exactly what their problem is. Their problem is you, or more specifically the fact that you wouldn’t be going to hell right now if you would just give them five minutes to talk to you about Jesus. Would that kill you?

You see, The Bible says “There is no one righteous, not even one” (Romans 3:10) I don’t want to get technical but basically this means you’re going to hell. In the novel the protagonist’s daughter questions why a just God would do these kinda awful things (like wanting to send everyone to hell). Her father says, “Careful honey. You think I’m wrong but what if I’m right?”(pg. 165) See, if you question these ideas it’s a pretty good way to let Satan into your heart. Also, you could die any second now. The smart money is on becoming a Christian right now and then working out the details later. And by ‘Details’ we mean ‘figuring out if this actually makes any sense.’

Also in the book: A ton of huge miracles happen, but instead of trying to convert people by saying “Duh! God set the sky on fire, like a week ago, and then everyone who was a ‘real Christian’ mysteriously disappeared, in a very literalist parallel to the book of Revalation!” They think the best way to convert people is to tell them about their own personal life story/decision to come to Christ.

4 Stars!

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