Wednesday, September 24, 2008

You Broke It, You Fix It

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So my crude understanding of economics is if everyone thinks we are doing o.k. then people will give you money and we all get rich. So it really doesn't seem like that much of shock that now that people are worried that the economy is doing bad it's doing bad. If only there was someway to boost confidence in the market....

Oh I know! How 'bout the president gives a speech and says, "Our entire economy is in danger." This seems to be the equivalant of Chicken Little running around and yelling "the sky is falling!" and then when you stop to look up he kicks you in the balls and runs away. I mean in the end sure the sky may be actually falling, but as you lay on the ground holding a wounded junk pile you would probably wonder if there was a more calm way to handle the problem.

I have to admit though that I am very tempted to side on the "Wall Street should suffer for their mistakes" side of the debate, but in the end were all in the same car. Sure the driver shouldn't have been drinking, but your not going to let him drive off the cliff just to teach him a lesson (Plus we shouldn't have gotten into the car in the first place (the car is foreign oil).).

Thanks for listening to my economic metaphors that rely heavily on violence.

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