Wednesday, October 1, 2008


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Do you ever wonder how much of life you are missing out of because you are not wearing a hat. And I am not talking about a baseball cap. See that's a cap. When you need to cover your head, you wear a cap. When you need to live, you wear a hat.

If I wore a hat, I could say so many things that clumsy words would fail to convey. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a hat is worth a thousand pictures. With the merest tip of the brim I could communicate volumes. From "hello" to "how ya doin," I could say it all. By going a step farther and lifting the hat off my head I could tell people how honored I was to meet them or ask strangers for assistance in my time of need. When I put the hat back on people would know that it is time. Time for what? Anything. Because when you are wearing a hat life is nothing but possibilites.

It's just a shame hats make my head itch.

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