Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Panty Raid!

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If you are a girl stop reading. I mean it.

All right fellas. I am planning a national panty raid. Who wants in?
This Saturday around midnight, find a girl’s house and hang outside her window. Watch her until she falls asleep. As soon as she does, break in. Make sure to yell “Panty Raid!” so she won’t be worried that it’s a burglar. Quickly grab as many panties as you can. If you have trouble finding them, make sure to check the “panty drawer.” That is typically where girls keep their panties. Just in case, it might be a good idea to bring some panties of your own as a back up.

Once you have the panties in your possession, run back outside and quickly strew them about the yard. Strew the crap out of them.

Imagine her face when she sees that her panties are out in public! She will be so embarrassed that you will have time to silently sneak back into the night laughing to yourself about the idea of panties in a yard. (That’s not where the belong!)

For those of you who aren’t in, be cool and don’t tell any girls about it.

Crap. I should have called this blog something else.