Monday, October 13, 2008

Holy Crazy!

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This weekend I was starting to think the Presidential race was getting pretty crazy. I mean here you have one candidate who seems to be opening a gaping lead based on not taking an real positions regarding the fact that all of our money is melting and the guy has VP who only talks about moose, abortions, and how her opponent is a racist because he's black. Good job America.

Then my brother, Tim, sent me a copy of his Bonneville County sample ballot and I realized Idaho is even more America. And by America I mean crazy. Check out their candidates for Senate: Larocco...Marmon...Rammell...hey that's a cool name. What a second! Guy who used to be Marvin Richardson what happened? I know you didn't just change your name to take advantage of an incredibly conservative state and the fact that often times these ballots are hard to read. So what the hell makes a Marvin Richardson into a dude named Pro Life? It is a nickname? Do you get paid to be alive? Or did you just switch in high school because it was easier to fill out on the SATs? Anyway, sorry Tim's not voting for you. He met Larry LaRocco at Beerfest.

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