Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Food is Weird

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I mentioned eating cow tongue to an associate the other day, and they commented "That's weird." I struck back with, "Eating food is weird."

If the concept of devouring the parts and flesh of other organisms, be they living or dead, to sustain your own life doesn't creep you out a little, then...

I don't know what, but the point is, it's creepy.

There are food shows based on hosts or contestants eating the bizarre and unusual (Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmerman being my fav). One week it cow's testicles, the next week its fermented sea sponges. But at its root is that any more crazy than devouring unripened chicken fetuses with a side of ground up toasted grass that has been fed to a bacteria, aged, and then baked? And that's just eggs and toast.

I think once you make peace with the idea of devouring things, the specifics of what you are eating don't matter so much.

Then again, I do get my nutrients from an IV full of chemicals.