Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Prime Time Twister

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The world of prime time television game shows is about to be rocked. I had the greatest idea ever.


You get ten strangers and you make them play Twister. Of course they would all have engrossing back stories.

"Meet Tim Parthon. He carves boats out of recycled materials and gives them to kids with cancer."

"This is Jenny Henderson. She has tasted over 100 different kinds of potato chips! When shes not busy reading, she helps kids with cancer."

"Say hi to Mercedes Carson. Mercedes lost her home in a hurricane and hopes to use the winnings of the show to help kids with cancer."

And then they would, you know, twister. Right Blue. Left Hand Green. All that stuff.

The twister board would be all digital with light up pads and complicated sensors that will sound if anyone touches illegally.

Their could even be the "Twister Titans." A group of perfessional gymnasts and circus performers with names like Bendorina and Twistor who would compete in the final ultimate twister round.

oh man. Twister!

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