Friday, February 27, 2009

At the Zoo

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I guess it looks sorta like a prairie dog...

I would like to present to you my 3 act play entitled At the A Zoo.

Act 1: The Gorillas

A mother gorilla and her baby are grooming each other. I sit quietly with my back slightly turned so as not to disturb them. A teenage girl and her friend approach.

Loud Teenage Girl: OH MY GOD look at that one’s titties!

Her Friend: I think that’s the daddy.

Loud Teenage girl: Those titties are huge!

The gorillas quietly walk away.

Act 2: The Meerkats

The Meerkats are all out of their burrows; they are digging around, climbing on rocks and generally doing interesting things. I sit quietly watching. A group of people approach the enclosure.

Loud Woman: OH MY GOD! Jackie come look! Look at the prairie dogs! Jackie look LOOK do you see the prairie dogs?

Jackie (a 4 year old girl) is uninterested.

Loud Woman: (picking Jackie out of her stroller) Look! See!

The Meerkats return to their burrows.

Act 3: the Lion

Douche bag guy: (Clapping) Yo! Prrr! Roar! Hey! (A loud whistle)

The Lion continues to sleep.

Epilogue: The Chimps

A Chimp picks up a huge clod of dirt and throws it at a group of ladies. They all shriek.

Ladies: (Ad lib) Why did he do that?


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