Friday, January 23, 2009

Robot Clichés

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What is this "love"?

Tow-Headed kid: Wowee! A real life robot!

Cute Freckled Girl: What’s your name robot?

Robot: Do-Not-Have-Name.

Gap-toothed Child: Gee wiz! You don’t even have a name?

Tow-Headed kid: That’s Ok, we’ll give you a name… How about Robbie? Robbie the Robot.

Robot: Name-is-Robbie?

Cute Freckled Girl: It sure is! We love you Robbie!

Robot: What-is-this-love?

Gap-toothed Child: Gee wiz! You don’t even know what love is?

Cute Freckled Girl: Love is what you feel in your heart with people who care about you you.

Robot: Love-is-in-heart?

Tow-Headed kid: That’s right Robbie!

Robbie puts his fist through Tow-Headed kid’s chest.

Robot: Must-acquire-love.

Tow-Headed kid: Urk!

Gap-toothed Child: Jesus Christ!

Robot: (crushes the still beating heart in its hand) Feel-love-in-heart.

Cute Freckled Girl: Oh God no!

Robbie is to fast for them. They are quickly vaporized.

Robot: Must destroy human masters!

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