Sunday, January 18, 2009

Screw the Introverts!

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Hello, I have bad social skills and don't want to do anything about it.

In case you were not aware, I go to a lot of late night comedy. I recently saw a Comic who kept talking about how she was an introvert and how it was so difficult to live in our ‘Extrovert driven society.’ My question to her is “were there societies that were introvert driven?” Not to be a dick or anything, but extroversion seems to be a pretty big prerequisite for being in charge of people. I’m just trying to imagine a society led by introverts.

“My fellow Mongols, today we ride for war and glory… if you want.”

On the other hand, maybe we should start blaming introverts for wars and stuff.

“My lord, the Saxon foes have sent a delegation, what should we do?”

“Um, I really have a hard time in social situations… just murder them or something.”

Is this making you mad introverts?! Why don’t you do something about it! Oh, that’s right...

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