Saturday, January 10, 2009

Every NPR 'World Music' Segment Ever

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We take you now to (Vietnam/Venezuela/Tibet/Burkina Faso) where an age old tradition is being giving new life. The music of (insert band name here) is a fusion of (traditional location’s) folk music and (lounge/“gives it a hip-hop-beat” /trance/swing/big band) to create an otherworldly new sound. With one foot in the old world, and one in the new, this music bridges the gap between history and the present.

[Cut to terrible track of music in language you can’t understand. Ideally includes guttural stops.]

We sat down with (artist with shitty foreign name) to learn more about this fascinating musical art form that is taking Vietnam and the New York underground by storm.

TERRY GROSS: Some people have criticized your commercialization of an iconic cultural art form. How do you respond to that?

[For the rest of the interview, pretend audience is actually invested in the purity of the Throat Singers of Tuva, or is upset about how it has been kept in a cultural deep freeze until this woman/bunch of dudes who listen to terrible American trance beats, saved it.]

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