Friday, December 5, 2008


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SteamPunk, technology that looks like its from the Victorian Era, has been played to death. And now AtomPunk, technology that looks like it came from the future predicted by the 1950's, is already starting to wear out it's welcome. That's why, in a desperate attempt to stay ahead of the fad curve, FunBox brings you the next ultra hip design style: GlamPunk!

The technology of tomorrow with the style of the 80's!

Computers built out of shoulder pads, Laser Guns built out of Snork lunchboxes, Full Body armour made out of sweat bands. The future is now, and it was 30 years ago.

Imagine a sunny suburb, palm trees swaying in the wind. THUMP. THUMP. Around the corner emerges a Preppy riding in his new Corvette land walker. With a quick flick of a switch he sends "Cellular Beam" right at his neighbors house from a "Satellite!" All is lost! Or is it? From the wreckage flies a whirligig with the aesthetics of a Ghetto Blaster.

The pilot slides open a hatch and insert his Maxell tape. The preppy is about to be blown away.


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