Monday, November 10, 2008

DogTown: a great show that your girlfriend will enjoy crying to

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A good show to watch is called DogTown. It's a show on National Geographic about taking care of sick dogs and making your girlfriend cry. Dogtown takes place at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, an animal care facility in Utah with 33,000 acres for taking care of animals in crisis and making your girlfriend cry.

At the beginning of each episode we're introduced to a few new troubled animals. Learning a bit about each of their pasts and how they came to be on the show, is sort of like a super hero origin story for dogs. I say "sort of," because instead of a dramatic accident befalling a dog and allowing it to gain powers, usually the accident costs him a leg, makes him bite everyone he sees, or leaves him absolutely terrified. This is a good point in the show for your girlfriend to start crying.

Next you get to see some of the good work the doctor in DogTown do. They're truly amazing people only wanting to help. They take the animals for walks, pet them, love them and cast everything aside to do something truly important: caring for those in need. If your girlfriend wants to help too this is another great time for her to be crying, especially if her work within a corporate or business type environment has been leaving her down lately. Dogs that have cute names like Wycheck, or Wiggles are great for crying over, but even dogs without names will do. Sometimes when they don't have a name though, and no one loved them enough to give them one they're even better for crying.

The excellent staff at DogTown is also a wonderful part of the show. Often they perform depressing but life saving surgery that'll help your girlfriend to cry! Jeff, a golden retriever has to have his leg sawed off. If that doesn't get her crying, probably dalmatian with beautiful eyes and infected with mange will. Wow there are tears in your living room everywhere! Thanks DogTown.

DogTown is inspiring because as the dogs heal, your girlfriend becomes more and more attached to them. They run, they jump, and your girlfriend loves them! Then, lots of them just can't make it anymore, and have to be put to sleep. This is inspiring too, inspiring of girlfriend tears!

Yep, DogTown's a pretty great show. It's a show that you should watch with your girlfriend if you want her to cry and be upset with you for not having a dog.

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