Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama Wins, Small Talk Dies

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Well, we did it America. We elected Obama President, but at what cost? For months now, all of us have depended on this election to provide ample conversation with coworkers, hair dressers, dentists, and the neighbor who you don't know his name but you always see him at the mailbox. Now its all over. Small talk has died.

At least if McCain had won, the bitching and moaning would have carried us through to Christmas. Now however, we are left with no choice but to talk about how inexpensive gas is and the terrible economy. That's just a recipe for awkward silence.

"Man, gas prices are so low."
" Yeah well, good thing, with the economy so bad."
"Yeah, my brother got laid off last week."
"Oh Really?"
"See ya later."

How horrible is that? All we can do now is remember back to a simplier times when converstions went like this:
"Obama 08!"
"Fuckin' Palin."

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