Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Trailers should be the Feature

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So I have been thinking about this for a while and I think it's a pretty good plan. Lets get rid of all feature length movies and just have trailers. I am just sick of movies not living up to all the potential that the trailer implies they have. The best part of movies is always what I think is going to happen in my head. The trailer shows two guys throwing a bear out of moving train with a voice saying "No Holds Bear Action" and I think that bear must have been an assassin! But then you go see the movie and it was just that the bear didn't have a ticket. Lame. When you watch a trailer the movie gets to be as awesome as you want it to be. (And I'm pretty good at making movies so they are awesome.)

Plus you can just recut the the trailer to match whatever movie you might be in the mood for. Comedy? Just show the parts with guys falling down. Romance? Show the parts where the girl helps the guy back up. Action? Show the evil dude pouring oil on the floor and the hero running full speed into it. Kids? Show the hero's puppy jumping from a helicopter. Adult? Show the puppy landing in a nude girl's arms.

Plus less time to eat popcorn means less carbs, and we could all use less carbs.

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