Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Seeing Double

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Now this may feel more like an Interwhat, but I feel that this needed additional explaining. A friend of mine was discussing her upcoming trip to Disneyland with me, and I started joshing her that she was just going to collect more pins for her sash. She stared at me blankly.

Maybe I am just a little more on the pulse of things than most people, but I thought everyone knew about Disney pin collecting. People roam Disney parks with lanyards, sashes, or jackets covered in Disney themed pins. Apparently, people go to the parks, and if you see people working there wearing pins, you can trade with them. See? You guys knew about this right?

Anyway, I went to the Disney Pin website to show her what I was talking about when I came across this horrific vision -

We've all noticed that, hey, Mickey is a mouse yet he doesn't look like a mouse, but there is just something wrong and unnatural about seeing the two together like this. Its like Disney is trying to be hip by pointing out oddities in their own universe. They shouldn't be doing this. It's like noting that Donald Duck doesn't wear pants, and then having him stand next to a version of himself with a huge penis showing.

This brings us to the Pluto pin -

What the hell is he doing under there? Shouldn't Goofy by on there too, looking as confused as I am?

I'm just waiting for when they make the Ursala sitting next to half a woman sewn onto an octopus pin.

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