Wednesday, August 15, 2007


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The world has gone Transgender crazy. It started last week when I watched an interesting show about Gender boundaries in different countries with a focus on people who crossed barriers. What was most interesting was the societies who even had a third sex for those who didn't belong in either. This was great. Really interesting. Few days later, same show, same topic, about different people. But it wasn't like it was follow up or in conjunction with the earlier show. Its like if Seinfeild did another show about the soup Nazi but it was a different soup Nazi. Weird. Couple days later I see a commercial for Larry King. He is interviewing a Transgender woman to find out what it like living outside the boundaries of normal sexuality. But what is normal? Am I right Larry?!? Then yesterday on NPR a very special interview with a Transgender sports writer and her 30 year long journey from Michael to Michelle. But I guess the Gay trend was getting a little old and America was Are we on the out break of the transgender craze the likes of which have never been seen. Is transgender eye for the straight girl on the way? Are adorable sitcom gals going to have a transgender best friend/ neighbor who will borrow and then proceed to stretch out their clothes? Who knows, maybe the time will have come for a transgender president. I'm gonna vote for Barakette in '08