Friday, May 4, 2007

We're like slap bracelets but with staying power...

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You may not have believed me when I told you guys this, but apparently we are funny. As of today, FunBox is the proud parent of the number one comedy video on YouTube. Of course as great as this feels (it's like eating ten sandwiches all at once!), we can't just sit here resting on our laurels. We have already started work on what we feel will be the next huge thing on YouTube. Not to give too much away, but its a sketch about young girl, who after having a troubling day at private school, decides to relax and dance her cares away in front of the web cam she got as a gift from her baht mitzvah. It's a story about freedom. Freedom of movement. Freedom from the arbitrary confines of today's overly strict morals. Freedom to just wear a sports bra. You will also not want to miss the surprise ending which involves falling down and a cat who is afraid of snow.

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