Friday, May 4, 2007

Location, Location, Damnation

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I watched the first half of “Hell-House” the documentary about the Christian ‘haunted house’ where instead of having ghosts and goblins they have abortions and atheists. The Christian’s haunted house seemed much more disturbing than a regular haunted house. Maybe that’s because regular haunted houses don’t have every other scene end with a rape.

Seriously what is it with Christians! The “family violence” scene features rape, one of the interviewees mentions how the abortion scene was about rape and they have a rave scene where a girl gets handed a date rape drug thinking it is ecstasy. Guess what happens.

By the way none of the Christians knew anything about the things they were portraying. In the “occult” scene instead of having a pentagram, they had the Star of David. The guy who was ‘directing’ the rave scene had no idea about what the drugs were even named. How lame are you if you don’t even know what ecstasy is?

How are we supposed to take them seriously when they warn us about something, when they have no idea what that thing is? “Beware of tigers! I’ve heard that if they look at you, you turn to stone. And I think some of them can fly too!”

I want to have a Haunted House that warns you of the dangers of becoming a Christian: Beeeeewarre! If you go to church too often you will become so un-cool that you won’t even realize people are making a documentary about how lame you are!

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