Monday, June 4, 2007

the future is coming!

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Wow. It's been a month since we've blogged. Sorry about that, guess we've been pretty blogged down lately. Oh the blog jokes! Seriously though, we know you guys have been surviving on your own fan fiction for far too long as you've prayed and plead for expansion of FunBox Universe. Rest assured, the new stuff's coming soon.

What new stuff? Oh I dunno, have you ever seen talking bottles of mustard and ketchup in their own video blog? Bet not. Bet you will soon.

Ever been to space? Well we have, and we totally friggen taped it.

And guess what! We've been shooting with Honest Abe again!

Yeah we haven't gone anywhere. In fact, we've been working with a new director, named Adytia, who's so high powered, he wears sandals like all the time. And we filmed a short with our friend, Conner, who looks so much like a for reals scientist that we were surprised he didn't start inventing the crap out of stuff on set.

So check back soon for some totally sweet ketchup and mustard action. It'll be up in a week or so, and afterward well...hold on to your butts. Lots of new stuff is coming soon.

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