Thursday, August 2, 2007

Boldly Going...

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Now some of you loyal FunBox fans out there may have noticed the brief dry spell when it came to new content, but I would like to officially declare that you should ready your self for a veritable downpour of comedy. You are going to be soaked with laughs. Why the brief hiatus you might ask? (Might? Who are we kidding. You will ask!) Well to be honest, we here at FunBox have been working on saving the northwest Pacific otter . These monkeys of the Sea captured our hearts and so we dedicated ourselves to doing everything in our power to help them. With a couple grants from the Consumer Aersol Products Council we started an otter breeding program in our downstairs bathroom. After a lot of work, and some elbow grease (not to mention a couple bottles of otter grease) we managed to make some otters do it. Unfortunately, the otters were just not at a stage in their life when they were ready to have kids. It was a tough decision on their part but I support them. Also we filmed a couple of comedy shorts. They will be out soon.
With much love,