Monday, April 20, 2009

Gartock: Business Warrior

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Deep in the bowels of Well's Fargo's Pasadena Branch Gartock attempts to obtain a job.

Gartock: Well...I can type faster than a bear.

Carl Peters Branch VP: Right...we don't have many bears in the office...can you give me a number of words per minute on that?

Gartock: I file like an eagle!

Carl: eagles here.

Later...Gartock tries a different tactic.

Gartock: I swear upon my father's blood to obey this covenant.

Carl: That's great but you still don't have collateral

Gartock: What if you sold the blood to a research lab who needed it for plasma?
Carl: I'm sorry but it wouldn't suffice as collateral for the $14000 you're trying to borrow to open an appliance shop.

Gartock: I've had a difficult time repurposing myself to fit this economy.

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