Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Circus Friends

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O.K. so here's my idea for a kids book. There will be these cats and they will all be in the circus right? And one of the cats will be the ringleader and another one will be a clown. The clown cat will have a cute cat name like 'Whiskers the Clown.' And their will even be a lion taming cat but instead of a lion it would tame another cat that they would dress like a lion. So there are all these cats in the circus when all of sudden a dog comes and opens up his own circus next door. It would be just like the cat circus except with dogs. Dog ringleader and instead of 'Whiskers the Clown' there would be 'Wags the Clown.' At first they wouldn't get along but then they would at the end cause they would have learned to get along and that inside each other they are basically the same. Then they would have one big circus. What do you think? Fucking genius right? It's like the Clifford the Big Red Dog meets the circus but with cats and he's smaller. Plus it will have these awesome morals. I already started to do the pictures.

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