Monday, July 28, 2008

The FunBox Porch Garden: The Beginning

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The FunBox Porch Garden: The Beginning
by: Hans Christian Anderson

Once upon a time, Willie noticed the budget was getting out of hand. “It’s not so much the price of filming, or the large quantities of calamine lotion we give our guest stars in lieu of financial compensation. It’s the dinners we’ve been feeding our friends complete with fresh produce and herbs!”

“What can we do?” Paul wondered aloud. “We can’t stop giving our friends calamine lotion, fresh produce and herbs! We’re trying to maintain a level of professionalism.”

“I know,” said Matt. “Money doesn’t grow on trees, and nether does factory bottled calamine lotion!”

“No it doesn’t,” Willie said. “But fresh produce and herbs often grown on trees and in bushes. And some of those bushes can be put in pots. And some of those pots can be put on our patio!”

So the boys of FunBox ran and they ran and they ran, all the way until they could get to the gardening store. And thus began their great and wonderful porch gardening adventure.

What will they buy at the gardening store? Will the plants grow? Will the budget be saved? Stay tuned for the next exciting chapter of: The FunBox Porch Garden.

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