Thursday, July 10, 2008

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Is anyone else disturbed by official Olympic products? At one point they made sense. Atheletic shoes, drinks crammed with electrolytes, snug fitting unitards. These were all things that athletes need so of course there should be one unitard out of all the snug fitting unitards that was the official Olympic unitard. Then McDonald’s got into the act. Well it kinda worked. Athletes have to eat. Nothing helps a person in peak physical condition carbo-load like a food in nugget form. The energy is super compact for faster delivery to the blood stream (i.e. goes straight to the arteries).

But now a day, I am having a hard time justifying why these companies think slapping colored rings on their product will boost sales. Viewership of the Olympics is waning as is, will people really choose what broom to use based on which one is the official sweeping device of the United States Olympic team? Do I need a bail bondsman that inspires global athletic competition? What the Olympics really needs is to strive to uphold the majesty of its storied history, the honor that it is to compete in the Olympic Games. Slapping your logo on toilet cleaners and jams is not a step in the right direction. I’m looking at you Izzy.

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