Monday, August 11, 2008

The End of Comic Book Movies

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Batman, Iron Man, Hulk, Wanted....with so many of this summer’s movies being based on comic books, the film industry now appears to be running out of comic books to borrow from and is forced to turn to other types recreational of print. Here’s a preview of next summer’s top films:

Michael Bay’s: Let’s Get Ready To Color
Massive amounts of coloring-action here. Bay spent over 25 million dollars on sea green, and brick red alone! Nick Nolte stars as a a cop in Crayola Town who can’t stay on the same page with his department. When the mob shreds his partner in a crayon sharpener, he has to go “outside the lines.”

The Passion of the CrossWord
Jesus Is beaten up like...a lot. Then they give him a crossword puzzle that kills him. Then he comes back to life and solves it. God wins! Suck it heathens!

Sense and Sudoku
Clint Eastwood directs this heartwarming tale as Robert Redford and Maryl Streep, both aging an lamenting their loss of mathematical and cognitive abilities, form a bond over sudokus gone by. Is it love or a little bit of dementia that will ultimately teach them that one plus one equals one?

Word Search for Atlantis
In this National Treasure spin off, Nicholas Cage discovers an ancient 60 foot tall box of Honey Nut Cheerios who’s word search yields the secret location to Atlantis. Can he get to the bottom of this mystery, solve the puzzle, and find the prize inside?

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