Thursday, August 7, 2008

Would you Rather

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So I saw a board game today that was based on the idea that asking people ‘would you rather’ questions is fun. I can get behind that. Nothing entertains like hypotheticals, but the ones they showed on the box all ran along the lines of ‘Would you rather fart during a job interview or on a first date?’ or ‘Would you rather do something homosexual or kill yourself?’ Not really the stuff of legends. I decided to provide you with some of my own to help spice up your next party.

Would you rather catch your father masturbating to a picture of you or have your mother catch your significant other pooping on your face?

Would you rather blind a deaf person or cut off a one armed man’s remaining arm?

Would you rather tell your significant other that you have herpes or tell your boss that you will murder his family if he ever fires you?

Would you rather have a side salad or a cup of soup?

Would you rather know what day you’re going to die or what your best haircut would be?

Make sure to tell us what your answer would be.

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