Friday, November 16, 2007

Homeopathy: The Wizard of Modern Medicine (because wizards aren't real)

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The basic theory behind Homeopathy is the "law of similars." Cure a disease with something that causes the same symptoms. Got a rash? Apply poison ivy! Got nervous energy? Tarantula venom will fix that right up! Vomiting? Try Arsenic!

Along the way someone realized that it would probably be a good idea to not give quite so much poison to sick people, and modern Homeopathy was born!

Nowadays people dilute the poisons down to such a fine degree that it's mathematically unlikely that even a molecule of the original poison remains in the solution. Then they pour the solution onto a sugar pill and administer that to the patient who miraculously gets well! Or not so miraculously, depending on whether or not you believe that sick people tend to eventually get better over time.

I was surprised when my father (who suffers from a chronic illness) told me that he was going to try Homeopathy. "Dad you know that it doesn't do anything!" "Well yes son, that's true. But I've run out of options." This particular line of reasoning strikes me as odd."The car's broken down and we tried jumping it, I guess since that didn't work I'll jam my dick in the gas tank."

Sigh. When are people going to wake up and realize that all the medicine they need can be found through healing crystals and prayer?

Maybe you disagree. If so please respond with anecdotal evidence or vitriol.