Monday, November 5, 2007

Hollywood Writers’ Strike Replacement Shows

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Pimp My Grandfather
Guests trick out old broken-down family members using the latest, most high end medical procedures including: heart valve replacements, blood transfusions, skin grafts, and whatever it was that made Barry Bonds hit all those home runs. Then they’re taken to L.A.’s hottest clubs to see who truly is the most pimp grandfather of all.

Death Factor
Contestants who agree to be shot receive a small financial incentive.

Trading Spaces Al Anbar Province
Insurgents and US military forces swap roles for a day, and redecorate each other’s bases of operations in an effort to better understand of each other’s lifestyles. Instead though, they mostly plant bombs to kill each other for laters.

Feed # CC202A
Security camera monitoring the Ralph’s parking lot located on 260 South La Brea Avenue.

New Episodes of Mind of Mencia
Despite the strike, Carlos will still be able to continue stealing material from everyone who performs at The Comedy Store.

Botulism Island
Volunteers are marooned on an island where their only resource is dented cans.

Documentary chronicling one pachyderm’s dream to play starting linebacker for the Oakland Raiders. Bobo’s followed the sport since being a wee child (weighing just over 400lbs), and vows he’d play the game for peanuts.

Single Family Double Dare
Children without fathers or mothers compete win bicycles, gaming systems, and the love of Marc Summers.

Women in Bikinis Watch Reruns of Cheers: The Show
Expected to be a ratings home run and a major reason why studios will refrain from pursuing good faith negotiations with the writers.