Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Super Power

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I recently had the chance to acquire the super power of my choice to when I earned the gratitude of a hyper-intelligent race of aliens (I won’t go into the details (they are boring).

But what power to choose? Super strength, while a popular choice, seemed like the kind of power that would get you roped into helping people move. I thought Super Speed would be a good pick but then I started thinking about what would happen to me if I tripped while doing 60 (not to mention the bugs in the teeth). Psychic powers are where the real action is, but once I looked at the side effects; nosebleeds! Forget that! Invulnerability seemed like it would be a real problem if I got appendicitis or something, and the aliens weren’t too clear on the specifics of what diseases I would be immune to (there was a big list, but like half of it was weird viruses that don’t even exist on earth).

I finally settled on the best power I could think of: the ability to absorb other superpowers. It would be great! The more Super humans I met, the more powerful I would become. I was pretty proud of myself; after all, meta-powers are the best kind of powers!

Here’s the thing though… I haven’t really encountered that many Super-powers yet. I mean, I’ve got a few. So far I’ve absorbed the power to see future haircuts (Sometimes more like a curse) and I'm impervious to Tin.

At this point I’m just trying to find someone with flu resistance.

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