Tuesday, September 4, 2007

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So at my office, I work with a bunch of robots.
I’m actually the only human there. I don’t know if you’ve ever been the only person in your office of a specific race/gender/ethnicity but it can get awkward.

I was walking down the hall and these two robots were totally talking about me. I could tell.

Robot 1 (Not his real name): And he’s always doing “breathing” thing. I mean I know he needs to do it to live, but do you have to do it like, in front of me?

Robot 2 (Not his real name): Yeah it’s like, “You’re a human, that’s fine. You can be a human, but you don’t need to rub everybody’s face in it.

Robot 1: And like he gets to go home to “sleep” or whatever. I don’t see why we need to pick up the slack just ‘cause he has special needs. (Stops, hears me) Oh! Heyyy… Guy.

Me: Hey robots, what were you guys just talking about?

Robot 1: Nothing.

Robot 2: What’s that in your hand?

Me: Oh that’s food… I need it to live.

Robot 1: (rolls eyes).

Then we got in a huge fight. And now my robot manager is making me take "insensitivity training."
At least I get my own bathroom.

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