Wednesday, August 29, 2007

FunBox taps its foot for Senator Craig.

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FunBox is proud to stand with Senator Craig under this barrage of homoerotic accusations. For those of us who know Senator Larry Craig, this is not an issue of sexuality, but rather a condemnation of his use of an extra wide stance in the bathroom. We are confident that his foot was not in the adjacent stall as way to solicit man on man toilet sex, but rather to gain the extra leverage he needed to expel his Bms. If you've ever seen Larry in the Senate commissary, you'll know he doesn't eat enough roughage. It's all beef for Larry. He just gobbles down the sausages. He's even got a nickname. Everyone in the Senate calls him 'The Sausage Gobbler.' Or at least the pages do. Probably cause of an inside joke or something….

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