Wednesday, September 5, 2007


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Like any group of people, FunBox doesn't always see eye to eye. While most of the time this is due to height difference, sometimes this is from a difference of opinion. And when that happens, things can get heated and feelings can get hurt. To help with this FunBox has created some rules and tips to make sure that our friendship doesn't get friendsunk.

1. Give the person you disagree with a hug before and after everything you say.
2. Don't project. Instead of saying "You are stupid." Say "I think you are stupid."
3. If you are going to interrupt, make sure to honk the interruption horn.
4. Make sure someone says every ten minutes or so "At least we can agree to disagree."
5. Pie charts are a great way to help people visualize what you are saying about pie.
6. Remember that none of this really matters since were all going to die.
7. Everyone knows he kissed your girlfriend. Stop bringing it up.
8. Remember the three R's. Reason, Respect, and Rhyming.
9. Crying helps people to stop and think.
10. If no one can agree ask a passerby if they think you are right.

Remember these and you too will be able to turn an argument into argu-fun.