Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Oral Sex: The Business Plan

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Executive Summary

Oral Sex™, a subsidiary of Sex ™, is a fantastic new product that will fill an ever growing niche for new ways to climax. Not only will Oral Sex™ be able to draw in large parts of the consumer groups who already enjoy Sex™, but parts of the population hesitant to try Sex™ may find themselves fully ready to embrace Oral Sex™.

Mission Statement:
Oral Sex™ aims to offer a fun fresh new way to Orgasm® without the high cost and emotional investment that comes from traditional copulation.

The Company:
Coming off the success of their previous companies, Kissing Inc. and Hand Jobs LLC., founders Barry Jay and Richard Lechter, sought to combine their efforts and forge a path ahead into an unexplored market/orifice.

Products and Services:
We have found that using the starting point of taking genitals and sticking and/or rubbing them onto/into peoples oral cavities has created a nearly endless variety of choices to offer the public. Popular items include: The French Mambo©, The Rain Check ©, The Arizona Truck Stop©, Venti DeCaf©, and The Inside Out Handshake (© pending).

The Market:

Financial Considerations:
Learning much from their high risk, low yield venture Anal Pleasure ™, the people behind Oral Sex™ have severely reduced the time and cost needed at the start of the venture till those involved will start seeing dividends.

Keys to Success:
- Moving the product from being thought of as a special occasion treat to an everyday necessity.
- Hair management.

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