Friday, June 19, 2009

John Helldeath: The Depths of Reason pt. 4

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John Helldeath could barely think with the high velocity winds whipping around him. Yet, John Helldeath was never a man for thinking when action could get the job done. His time was short, as the ground below him was growing closer, and the airplane that he had been dropped out of, farther. All he needed to do was find a way to break the binding that held him securely to the chair, and then slow his descent so he could land safely. He maybe had thirty seconds before he would be just another stain on Mother Earth's face. "Think damn it!" he yelled to himself.

A plan formulated in his head. "Perfect!" thought John, "But won't old Mr. Pennyworth be disappointed that I won't be needing his funeral services yet another time." John smiled to himself picturing the old funeral director's sour face at seeing Helldeath survive another mission. Mr. Pennyworth had given John a lifetime supply of black suits in exchange for promising to have his funeral with him. It would be the funeral of the decade and ensure big business for the stingy Mr. Pennyworth. With precision timing and pinpoint accuracy, John put his plan into effect. After landing safely, John brushed off his complimentary black suit and smiled.