Wednesday, June 10, 2009

John Helldeath: The Depths of Reason pt. 3

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John Helldeath’s head is pounding like a machine gun is firing non stop in his cerebral cortex. He winces as his eyes adjust to the bright lights of… where is he? The last thing he remembers is kissing Lana – the kiss! He can still taste the quickly departing flavor of Brazil nuts on his lips, the signature trace of knockout lipstick. Reaching up to wipe it off, he finds his hands tightly bound behind his back using his own shirt. He struggles against the knots, his bare muscles bulging and glistening from the strain, but it is no use. John silently curses his excellent tastes and the high quality of manufacture in his shirt. He can’t stay angry though, that’s just the price he is willing to pay for buying American made products.

“Stop bothering to struggle John. I believe you will find it to be quite without merit,” quips the devastatingly hot Lana McFalcor. “I should never have trusted you Lana McFalcor,” sneers John. “That’s Lana McFalcor Cartel,” corrects Lana! “No! It can’t be.” “That’s right John Helldeath, you might have thought you knew everything about me, but I hope now that it’s clear that you do not. You see, when my father Dr. McFalcor went missing, the only person willing to help me was Derek Cartel, brother to Lance Cartel, and my future dead husband! You have no idea how hard it was for me to watch you kill my brother in-law Lance Cartel moments ago, but it was all worth it as now I will be finally able to find my father and have revenge on you.” Lana dangles the sparkling Eye of Golan in front of John. Furious he curses her, “You stole the Eye of Golan while I was passed out! Damn you!” “It’s time for us to say goodbye John Helldeath,” Lana tells John with a hint of remorse in her voice. She leans in close, “This is for my dead husband.” Lana slaps John hard across his face, “and this is for my father.” Lana kiss John on his lips with tongue, “Goodbye John.” Lana goes to the side of the room and pulls a lever. The floor slowly begins to open up. John quickly realizes that he is in an airplane and he is about to fall to his death!

To be continued…