Wednesday, May 27, 2009

John Helldeath - The Depths of Reason pt. 2

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Arms raised in the air, John slowly turns to look the shadowy figure with a gun. Arms also raised in the air, the beautifully deadly librarian Lana also slowly turns to look at the shadowy figure with a gun. John's razor sharp mind whirls a mile a minute trying to figure out who the man behind the barrel of the gun pointing at him could be, for when you make as many enemies as John Helldeath, you learn not to forget a face, but that does little to help when that face is hidden in shadows. John tries to get the mysterious gentlemen to emerge, "Why don't you step out of those shadows and we can handle this like men?" "You mean like how you handled my brother?" "I handle a lot of people's brothers." "I am sure you would remember mine," says the unknow man before he steps into the light revealing his horribly mangled face.

Lana screams at the sight, and John comforts her in his arms. "Oh John! What is it? Its... Its... horrible!" John soothingly, "He's nothing to be scared of." "You should not so lightly ignore the remaining half of the Cartel Brothers, and I believe you still have to pay for my brother's death," Lance Cartel gently strokes his hideous scars, "and for this." With movements almost faster than the human eye, John reaches into Lana's cleavage and pulls out the dagger that was so recently hidden there. With a quick flick the knife burries itself inside Lance Cartel's mangled skull. "Keep the change," says John as the lifeless body drops to the floor. John pulls Lana in close, "Now, where were we before we were so rudely interupted." Lana gives John a wicked smile, "I believe you were about to try to find all my other hidden knives." John leans in to whisper in her ear, "Well Miss McFalcor, I think I'm going to have to look long. And hard." John feels the roundness of Lana's young body fill his hand and he kisses her.