Saturday, March 15, 2008

Your Mama’s not America’s Next Top Dance Crew!

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Is it just me or are the Moms on ‘Your Mama’s not America’s Next Top Dance Crew’ just doing worse and worse each week? I mean look at last week’s episode.

Donny Walberg: Alright let’s see what the Judges thought of that last performance.

Big Sis’: Alright, that was tight! Trip-Lip I thought your moves were off the hook.

Justin Jeffre: Tone Ride, your choreography is sick, You're the sickest dancer I’ve ever seen!

Huge audience applause

Donny Walberg: Alright, and what did you guys think of Nancy?

Close up on Nancy, a 53 year old housewife, she is out of breath and clearly in pain.

Maxwell Sheffield: Nancy, you have to understand that this late in the competition we can’t have second rate performances like that. I mean you were supposed to incorporate a back flip into your dance, I didn’t even see one back flip.

Nancy: I can’t do one. I told you, I’ve had knee surgery.

Big Sis’: Nancy, I have to ask you. Do you even want to be here? I mean look around you, you are the last Mom in this competition. If you want to represent for the Moms then you have to step it up. All the other Moms have gone home!

Nancy: Well… that’s because they weren’t 23 year old professional break-dancers. I’m not sure how we were ever supposed to win.

Maxwell Sheffield: See that’s what I’m talking about. A big part of the problem is that bad attitude.

Nancy: Can I go now, please?

I mean come on! I think the show should be called Suck it up (Nancy) and DANCE! I think I’m going to vote for Trip-Lip.

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