Friday, February 22, 2008

You Know What We Never Have Anymore? Duels!

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Seriously we never duel anymore! All we ever do is just regular-type kill each other. What ever happened to the ritual and grandeur of slapping someone in the face with a glove and then waiting 10 hours to cross swords at dawn? I know what you're going to say, “Duels are illegal.” to which I respond “Duels were almost always illegal! I had no idea you valued you're honour so lightly.” and then you go all cold and say, “I demand satisfaction” and walk away... See it's awesome!

Ok, top 5 dueling weapons of all time.

1. Dueling swords (duh)

2. A pair of sausages, one of which had been inoculated with Cholera (For details see: Bismark, Otto von).

3. Dueling pistols

4. Rattan canes (If you wanna go all Filipino style.)

5. Fisticuffs (ungentlemanly)

I'll have my “Second” send you a myspace with the where and when.