Wednesday, March 26, 2008

UltraWater: Slam Your Thirst!

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From the makers of HydroRush and Juicequake, comes the ultimate water experience. Introducing UltraWater, hydration has never been like this. You need water, but does water have everything you need? The answer isno to the max. UltraWater takes natural refreshment and adds enough science to kick mother nature into high gear. We start by mining the purest ice crystals from the Glystock Glacier and melting these over a live Volcano (volcano is one of the cleanest burning fuels). This results in a water that is so chemically pure and nutrient rich that the National Water Board has given it its highest rating, 3 stars. From here we add over 72 different vitamins and a 140 minerals that are essential to living in a modern urban world. This results in the heaviest water commercially available. Thirst quenching will be as much of an exercise as your work out. Put out your inner fires while burning serious calories. For the finishing touch that turns water into UltraWater we mix in the fresh essence of Mango, Tangelos, and Persimmons. Every bottle of UltraWater contains 72 percent real fruit juice flavors. The rest is up to you. Fist some UltraWater and slam it in you today!

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