Monday, May 19, 2008

Mega Man Box Art

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How much does Mega Man look like a Dad in this picture?

What I love best about the Mega Man box art is how unlike Mega Man, Mega Man is for at least 3 of the titles. They’re still trying to pass the game off as if it’s an awesome Tron-like world Where Mega Man is a slightly pudgy dude with a gun. Look how seriously he’s taking this! We’re not even going to talk about the cover for Mega Man 1.


Don't get me wrong though, these games were sweet, I don’t care what other people say I was totally unphased by the robot made out of a log called ‘Wood Man.’ Leaf shield was awesome and besides it’s no weirder than a robot based on wind.

Yes we know that in the Japanese versions he’s sometimes called Rockman, and we know that this is just the North American art, please don’t try to out-nerd us.

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