Wednesday, January 9, 2008

MoBloU - The Park

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FunBox continues to march forward with the times and in an effort to stay relevant we have just set up our first mobile blog unit or MoBloU. Today’s first trial:

The Park –

10:30am – Find open bench at the park and set up the MoBloU. Digging the hole was easy, but I wish the concrete moorings would dry faster. Will have to look into further back at FunBox headquarters.

11:00am - Trees. There sure are a lot of them. I never notice trees until its too late.

11:30am – See like that tree. I swear it wasn’t there a half hour ago. What is that? Oak?

12:00pm- Lunch. I brought a thermos full of split pea soup. It smells really good. Don’t just take my word for it. I’ll ask the next passing jogger to verify.

12:07pm – He says it smells good. I like a thicker pea soup. None of that watery soup for me.

12:30pm – Where did that Oak tree go?

1:00pm – Found it.

3: 27pm- Turns out Soup and Sunshine is a recipe for sleep. I’ll have to stay more diligent. I apologize to everyone for the lapse. I have let you and myself down.

3:30pm – Test out the MoBloU personal evacuation system (MoBloU P.E.S). It works perfectly, but apparently it still counts as public urination even when your junk is completely covered by a hose. Who does this Officer think he is? King of the park? More like king of the jerks!

3:56pm – I have moved to a new location. (Man those moorings take a while to dry) Apparently the MoBloU has a very easy read to screen and Police Officer FunBox Hater made me move and refill the hole. Hey man, I thought this was a public park! I will have to look into a privacy screen for the MoBloU, because there is no way FunBox will censor itself! I might also look into a better privacy screen for the MoBloU P.E.S.

4:00pm – I heard two people talking about the tree, turns out I was right. It is an oak. This location is turning out better than the first anyway, so screw you Officer No Peeing Allowed.

4:14pm – Holy Crap you guys! This is it! What the MoBloU was made for. This guy just ran up to this woman and grabbed her purse. A crime, captured live, through the power of Blogging!

4:15pm – Damn it. That Cop caught him in like two seconds. At least chase the crook around for a little bit. Plus he's getting all the thanks. Oh what? My capturing the moment for all of history isn’t worth anything?

4:30pm – Finish rest of soup for an afternoon snack.

5:00pm – Call the first official MoBloU to an end. Chalk another point up to science… and to FunBox!

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