Friday, December 21, 2007

Television’s Lost Holiday Specials

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An NBC Heroes Hanukkah
After deciding to go in together on gifts, Sylar and Peter face off on whether to get everyone 8 small presents or one big one that's really nice. Linderman reveals that his famous matzo ball soup is really store bought, and Claire thanks the Lord for the wondrous deeds of her ancestors.

Xena: Warrior Christmas
When Autolycus, the King of Thieves, steals all the presents in Amphipolis, Xena and Joxer attempt to recover the town's gifts. Meanwhile, a centaur hopes to lure Gabrielle under the mistletoe.

CSI: North Pole
Grissim and Sara question a polar bear who claims innocence for a series of seal maulings. Meanwhile, Hodges discovers a secret about his family while dissecting an arctic ground squirrel.

Lighting of the Redwood Forest Tree: A CBS News Report Apology
Chronical of the unfortunate series of network decisions, which
ultimately lead to 17 deaths, billions of dollars in property damage, and countless acres of wildlife being destroyed.

3rd Kwanzaa From The Sun
The Solomons discover an alternative to the existing holiday, which "offers an opportunity to celebrate themselves and history, rather than simply imitate the practice of the dominant society." Sally and Harry take Kuumba (he principle of beautifying their community through creativity) too far when they begin painting artistic nudes on garage doors. Tommy ponders types of common ground within his culture.

Two Guys a Girl and a Christmas Wish
The trio wonders if it being a holiday is sufficient excuse for getting faced on nogg and having a threesome.

December "24"
After posing an elf, Jack infiltrates a cell within Santa's Work Shop which hopes to plant nuclear bombs in American chimneys. Chloe hacks into Ebay to purchase Miles the Nintendo Wii on his list, and Audrey worries that Jack will be too busy killing elves to get back for the CTU gift exchange.

America's Favorite Crisco Christmas Commercials: Brought to You by Crisco
Although it remains a popular brand of shortening throughout the year, Crisco
particularly shines during the holiday season: whether it's being used to make cookies for Santa, as a means of shedding water from galoshes and snow shovels, or has just been applied as a sexual lubricant late on a "Silent Night."

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